I can’t tell you how many times driving around the golf course I see players get absolutely upset about their games. They put an extreme amount of pressure, tension, and personal pride each and every time they play. The reality is, most of these players do not prepare enough to become a better player.

If you’re a golfer, you understand how incredibly difficult the game of golf is. Not only do you have to drive the ball well, but you also have to hit your irons well, pitch well, and putt well. That is why professional golfers spend a lifetime practicing, learning, and reaching for success. Most amateurs simply play once a week, or month, or for some, a year. No practice in between rounds, but the thought of teeing it up and having the “miracle” round is always on the mind!

The fact is it would be a miracle. If I asked you, could you go run a marathon without any training by next week, the usual reply would be “heck no!” Golf, like everything in life, requires lessons, practice, and a desire to become better.

So next time you tee it up at the beautiful Prairie Lakes G.C., don’t get mad about playing one of the prettiest golf course in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, go out and have FUN! Enjoy the journey of playing a round and the friendship of your group. And if you want to get better, don’t get mad, go get a lesson and practice!


Bert Walker
Head Golf Professional – Prairie Lakes Golf Course
bwalker@gptx.org | 972-237-4156