Every week, someone will come into the Pro Shop proclaiming they are the worst putter in the world. If only they could putt, they would shot so much better. What the problem is that most players continue to use the same technique time and time again.

If you’re struggling with putting, Try This! Most right handed players (opposite for left handed players) place their hands similar on how they normally hold a golf club. The left hand is high on the grip and the right hand is lower on the grip.

I see two problems with this set up. First, by gripping the putter this way, the tendency is that the shoulders will be open as compared to the putting line (or in layman’s terms, where you’re trying to hit it). This will cause the putter to either cut across the ball at impact, or pull the putt left of the target. Second, most right hand players are right eyed dominate. Although the shoulders are open, another tendency is to aim to far to the right, again setting up for inconsistency on the putting line.

Here is a solution to the problem! Try gripping the club where the LEFT hand is lower than the RIGHT hand. I know, I know, it sounds crazy, but it works, and for some, it works really well. Just ask Jim Furyk, who is the only person to shoot not only a 59 in a professional tournament, but also a 58! There is another young man, by the name of Jordan Spieth who is known for his incredible putting skills, at a young age and has won just a few tournaments!

The LEFT HAND LOW technique, or commonly referred to as CROSSHANDED, solves two issues that players who struggle with putting can improve on: 1) It puts the shoulders parallel to the putting line (where you’re trying to hit it), and 2) it helps line up to the target more consistently.

Try it out, and if you need additional help, please call me at 972-237-4156 or email me at bwalker@gptx.org.