Congratulations to the USGA for hosting a fantastic US Open without a “hick-up”. As I’ve said to others before, I think the fantastic field needs to thank Tiger Woods for how far the game has come.

Tiger invented the modern day professional golfer domination of power to the game. Yes, there was Jack and Arnie who attacked golf courses in their prime, but the level of true athleticism from top to bottom of the field is becoming increasingly stronger and stronger every year. No longer are athletes choosing to play football, baseball, basketball, or soccer (for the world-wide players), but now they have entered golf.

Enter the 2017 US Open Champion, Brooks Koepka. Strong, tall, good-looking that not only can kill the ball with his drive, but also can putt. Let’s not forget the 2016 US Open Champion Dustin Johnson who is another true-athlete and is not afraid to hit the ball far and make putts when needed.

The point that I’m trying to make is that at the highly competitive professional golf level, the game is changing, and changing fast. I’ve noticed this for over the past 10 years. Gone are the days of getting a little “swing-lubricant” after a round staying out all night.

The professional golfers of today take extremely good care of their bodies, eat very nutritional meals, work out like a professional every day, work on their games tirelessly every day, and work hard to get every ounce of talent out of every round. The reason, there is soooooo much $$$$.

Every modern professional golfer needs to send Tiger a thank you note. Thank you for changing the game. Thank you for elevating the prize money. Thank you for making professional golf a sport that people barely followed, to now having a Golf Channel solely devoted to golf.


Bert Walker
Head Golf Professional – Prairie Lakes Golf Course
bwalker@gptx.org | 972-237-4156